Why Aren’t Home Prices Falling as Inventory Rises?

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Kevin Brierton – 2.4.2024 2024 is shaping up to be a year of solid home appreciation following the numbers that are coming in from last year. Recent reports from CoreLogic and Redfin confirm that home prices rose in 2023 despite rough homebuying conditions. Not only that, but the 2023 numbers eclipsed the ones we saw…

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Trying To Buy a Home? Hang in there.

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Kevin Brierton – 4.6.2023 We’re still in a sellers’ market. And if you’re looking to buy a home, that means you’re likely facing some unique challenges, like difficulty finding a home and volatile mortgage rates. But keep in mind, there are some benefits to being a buyer in today’s market that give you good reason…

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Why Buying a Home Is a Sound Decision

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Kevin Brierton – 3.23.2023 If you’re thinking about buying a home, you want to know if the decision will be a good one. And for many, that means thinking about what home prices are projected to do in the coming years and how that could impact your investment. This year, we aren’t seeing home prices…

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What’s Ahead for Home Prices in 2023

A small white house with green roof sitting on top of a table.

Kevin Brierton – 3.20.2023 Over the past year, home prices have been a widely debated topic. Some have said we’ll see a massive drop in prices and that this could be a repeat of 2008 – which hasn’t happened. Others have forecasted a real estate market that could see slight appreciation or depreciation depending on…

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One Major Benefit of Investing in a Home

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Kevin Brierton – 3.1.2023 One of the many reasons to buy a home is that it’s a major way to build wealth and gain financial stability. According to Freddie Mac: “Building equity through your monthly principal payments and appreciation is a critical part of homeownership that can help you create financial stability.†With spring approaching, now’s a great…

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Have Home Values Hit Bottom?

A house with two windows and a sky background

Kevin Brierton – 1.18.2023 Whether you’re already a homeowner or you’re looking to become one, the recent headlines about home prices may leave you with more questions than answers. News stories are talking about home prices falling, and that’s raising concerns about a repeat of what happened to prices in the crash in 2008. One of the questions that’s on…

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The Truth About Negative Home Equity Headlines

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Kevin Brierton – 1.10.2023 Home equity has been a hot topic in real estate news lately. And if you’ve been following along, you may have heard there’s a growing number of homeowners with negative equity. But don’t let those headlines scare you. In truth, the headlines don’t give you all the information you really need to understand what’s happening…

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3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

A green door is in front of the house.

Kevin Brierton – 11.29.2022 If you’re a homeowner, odds are your equity has grown significantly over the last few years as home prices skyrocketed and you made your monthly mortgage payments. Home equity builds over time and can help you achieve certain goals. According to the latest Equity Insights Report from CoreLogic, the average borrower with a home loan has almost $300,000 in equity…

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What’s Ahead for Mortgage Rates and Home Prices?

A blue house with a question mark above it.

Kevin Brierton – 11.9.2022 Now that the end of 2022 is within sight, you may be wondering what’s going to happen in the housing market next year and what that may mean if you’re thinking about buying a home. Here’s a look at the latest expert insights on both mortgage rates and home prices so you…

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What’s Causing Ongoing Home Price Appreciation?

A wooden easel with money and some houses

Kevin Brierton – 7.25.2022 If you’re thinking about making a move, you probably want to know what’s going to happen to home prices for the rest of the year. While experts say price growth will moderate due to the shifting market, ongoing appreciation is expected. That means home prices won’t fall. Here’s a look at two key reasons experts forecast…

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The Average Homeowner Gained $64K in Equity over the Past Year

A stack of coins with a house on top.

Kevin Brierton – 6.21.2022 If you own a home, your net worth likely just got a big boost thanks to rising home equity. Equity is the current value of your home minus what you owe on the loan. And today, based on recent home price appreciation, you’re building that equity far faster than you may expect – here’s…

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Today’s Home Price Appreciation Is Great News for Existing Homeowners

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Kevin Brierton – 5.2.2022 If you’re planning to sell your home this season, rising prices are great news for you. But it’s important to understand why prices are rising to begin with. One major factor is supply and demand. In any industry, when there are more buyers for an item than there are of that item available, prices naturally rise. In those situations,…

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The Future of Home Price Appreciation and What It Means for You

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Kevin Brierton – 4.7.2022 Many consumers are wondering what will happen with home values over the next few years. Some are concerned that the recent run-up in home prices will lead to a situation similar to the housing crash 15 years ago. However, experts say the market is totally different today. For example, Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist…

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