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House Hackers! Buy a Multi Family with 5 % Down!

Fannie Mae just made a big announcement that's going to make it easier for families to buy homes. Let's break it down in simple terms.

Here is the announcement from Fannie Mea on Oct 4 2023

Lower Down Payments for Multifamily Homes

Before this update, if you wanted to buy a multifamily home (that's a place with more than one apartment), you had to put down a big down payment – either 15% or 25%, depending on the unit you were buying. But starting in November, things are changing.

The Big Change

Now, if you're buying a multifamily home to live in as your primary home, you can put down just 5% of the cost of the home. That's great news because it means you don't need as much money upfront to become a homeowner.

There Are Some Rules

But hold on, there are some rules you need to follow. First, you have to live in one of the units for at least 12 months. That means it has to be your main place to live. You can't just buy it and then rent it out right away.

Why This Matters

This is a big deal because it helps people own homes and build wealth. Imagine buying a place with multiple units, living in one for a year, and then renting out the others. It's a smart way to invest in your future.

So, if you know someone who dreams of owning a multifamily home, share this news with them. It's a fantastic opportunity to make homeownership more affordable.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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