Three Reasons to Buy a Home this Winter

Three Reasons to Buy a Home this Winter

The winter can be a fantastic time to buy a home because:

1.Sellers tend to lower their list price in the winter. Most sellers who weren’t able to sell their home in the summer become more willing to accept an offer below list price during the winter. After all, the alternative for the seller is to wait until next spring or summer to sell the house. In the meantime, he/she would have to pay the mortgage, property taxes and utilities.

2.You are competing with fewer buyers. One main reason why most buyers wait until the spring or summer to buy a house is because they don’t want to move their children to a new school district in the middle of the school year. However, this shouldn’t be a limiting factor for you if you don’t have children, or if your children are too young (or old) to go to school.

3.You are positioning yourself to benefit from price increases next spring and summer. The spring and summer homebuying season is when most people buy houses. Therefore, if you get a good deal on the purchase of your home this winter, you’ll likely benefit when prices go up in the spring/summer. This sure beats getting stuck on the losing end of a bidding war or price increase!

Contact me so that we can further explore how you may benefit by buying a home this winter.

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